About Us

people have been building their own fine electric guitars and basses in our well-equipped, spacious workshop facilities on the mediterranean island of Formentera. Following a relaxed 3 weeks course, each participant builds his own custom instrument under expert tutelage.
The instruments are renowned for their excellent playability, attention to detail and above all their famous „Balearic“ sound.

Working in small groups of up to six pupils, novices and advanced participants can build their dream instrument from scratch while learning practically all there is to know about guitarbuilding, repair and instrument set up.
The success of the course design was proved by the number of participants who rejoined the course for up to ten times and brought along friends.
In the last 22 years this school has graduated more than 1000 enthusiastic youngsters, aged between 15 and 60. After three weeks of work and holidays in the workshop and on the beach, all left with their custom electric guitar or bass, equal in quality to that of any off-the-peg model or even better.